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Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington was born an entertainer – this is something her mother also knew and put Anastasia into singing and acting at the age of 3.  Although performing and entertaining was a lifestyle, writing a show about her personal experience was a unique effort. It forced her to reach down deep into how she felt about her life experiences. She learned so much more about herself - thus began the healing process. Ms. Washington hopes that her audience will connect with her empathy knowing now is the time to wake up, listen and support each other. For those with similar experiences, she wants them to know they are not alone. She lives by her own words “There are doors opening for you right now that you can’t yet see.”

 Tanya Thomas

Tanya Thomas started writing her story ten years ago when an acting coach asked to write about her cross-cultural experiences. The process began with a crippling struggle. Eventually, after a myriad of healing experiences, the doors opened for her to continue to write. Growing up as a minority in Singapore, she existed as someone who existed as someone who was always trying to assimilate.  She always felt like she never reached the intended mark. Her move to LA didn’t change her view of herself – not until her writing unfolded. Ms. Thomas hopes the audience will step into their own light, celebrate their own uniqueness and deepen the understanding of what it means to be human.

Sheila Silver

Sheila Silver knew since birth that she was born to act. Her passion for theatre was fueled by performances from a few of the great Broadway actresses Mary Martin, Bernadette Peters and Katherine Hepburn.  She shared her love of theatre teaching and directing. Writing this solo show was the ultimate leap of faith - sharing her own story raising an autistic child. She hopes that the audience will see the challenges that comes with the world of special needs. With those challenges she met amazing people always supporting her. She was never alone. She embraces these few simple words by Henry David Thoreau. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams – live the life you’ve imagined.”

Tracy Ann Chapel

Tracy Ann Chapel always knew she would write and perform a solo show. Leaving home and joining a circus made her write this story. It was gut wrenching, terrifying but her life was revealed to her in a new way. It was more powerful than anything else she has ever experience. Ms. Chapel hopes that her audience will be with her as she reveals herself, lives her story and touches your hearts.  Her drive for acting is the challenge to build characters with lives of their own and emotions that breathe life into the work.  Tracy admires and receives inspiration from many great actors such as Richard Burton, Audrey Hepburn, Nicole Kidman and Emma Thompson.  Her favorite role was Rosalind Hay from Ken Follett’s  “Moon Over Buffalo”.  Words that she lives by are from the great Stanislavski, “Love art in yourself and not yourself in art.”

Sneak Peeks

4/16 An Evening with John Wilkes Booth 

4/9   Valentine -  Tracy Ann Chapel shares a Sneak-Peak of her story and takes you behind the scenes.


Valentine -  April 9 @ 7pm PDT

Valentine - April 9 @ 7pm PDT

And just maybe on Valentine’s Day, the dream of being with that famous friend you love will come true. Most of us, at some time or another, have had a crush on someone famous. But when we start getting real-life texts from that favorite crush, our life changes quickly, especially when they promise to spend Valentine’s Day with us. Whatever the choice, Tracy Ann includes friends, love, art, sewing, grandmother, Heaven, circus, police, family, and even Russian locksmiths!

Voices -  April 11 @ 7pm PDT

Voices - April 11 @ 7pm PDT

Carla Delaney can mimic any voice from Betty White to Bart Simpson! But using her own voice, now that’s a another story! In this hilarious award-winning comedy about a voice-over actress discovering her own voice, Carla meets the surprising voices of her head, her heart, her snotty respiratory system, and over 30 more, making her ask the question, “is it noisy in here, or is it just me?”

An Evening With John Wilkes Booth - April 16th @ 7pm PDT

An Evening With John Wilkes Booth - April 16th @ 7pm PDT

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was a pivotal point of this nation’s history, but it is a story that is always told from Lincoln’s point of view. John Wilkes Booth was a great actor, but his father and brother were even greater. And his jealousy and his love for the South and slavery lead him to commit the heinous crime for which he is known. Sex, violence, and Shakespeare become the fodder for planning the killing of a president. Sic semper tyrannus!

Shattered  - April 18 @ 6pm PDT

Shattered - April 18 @ 6pm PDT

A fast-paced, comedic and heartbreakingly raw solo show about dating, dysfunction, and sexual devastation - told through the voices of 35 characters. Shattered triumphantly tells the story of one individual picking up the broken pieces of herself and putting them back together again.

Emotional Garage Sale - April 24th @7pm PDT

Emotional Garage Sale - April 24th @7pm PDT

Jacqi Bowe opens the garage doors of her whimsical mind in her solo show, in which everything must go, and invites the audience to witness her wrestle with her junk. This clutter nut vows she is moving on and throwing out those tattered slippers AND worn out mythologies.

Astrologically Screwed  - April 30 @ 7pm PDT

Astrologically Screwed - April 30 @ 7pm PDT

And Other Psychic Revelations How do you explain the unexplainable? What if a highly renowned Astrologer told you all these unbelievably AMAZING predictions, but the last thing she said about your 40th birthday shook you to the core. Would it concern you or consume you? This dramady is a story about love and strength, fear and magic, angels, spirits, embracing life and living boldly!

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