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“It has become the crowning achievement of solo theatre performances in Los Angeles created by the Whitefire’s producer Bryan Rasmussen.”                                                                                                                                                                               

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"We are fully transported back to her time and her moment as a star, passed the worst of her drugs and booze into a happier part of her life, surrounded by people who loved her, respected her and paid her.  Ms Hardy embodies Billie so beautifully and with so much warmth and life and humor. She is utterly bewitching.

It’s a magical show, a gorgeous homage to all that was good and irreplaceable about Billie Holiday.  It will make you cry I can guarantee it, but boy will it make you glad to know her music and to be touched by it still."

                                  Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros                  

Saturdays   8pm

February 15, 22, 29 March 7 




February 16th    7:30pm


February 17th    8pm


February 19th    8pm


February 20th    8pm

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Love After Death

Wake Up Little Susy

Ma's Kitchen

This story follows Susy, a bubbly blonde through five decades as she seeks healing and enlightenment. She shares her story through music, puppets, multimedia and a cast of colorful characters all played by Susy herself!

Here's What I'm Saying:

Life Lessons From An Italian Mama

A comedic exploration of all the neurotic tendencies and defense mechanisms between “me” and something called happy. If she can get out of her own way, she just might figure it out. Then again, it might be the death of her.

With a comical yet dramatic unfolding, we are enticed with the narrator's cooking. We witness Mary’s loss of her pregnancy unravel and as her mom, the narrator, parallels the story to the making of her secret tomato sauce. 

Ms. Perrotta takes a look at the wildly interesting people that have been on her life’s journey - crazy old Italian relatives, marriage, divorce, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.


February 21st    8pm

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Missionary Positions

As a “recovering Christian missionary kid”, Dan offers insight on religion, depression, and Evangelical America, while sharing his irreverent experience on how being saved takes “getting lost”.


February 23rd    3pm


February 23rd   7:30pm


In Caregiving

The poignant and humorous journey of a family caregiver and his struggle to learn how to care for himself after all those he cared for are gone.

The Book That

Won't Close

A bi-culturally fluid deaf woman confronts her shame about how being deaf or hearing enough when she meets a transgendered coach who walks who her through healing and integration for her love addiction.

I Can't Indian Good


February 24th   8pm

A first generation Indian American with zero ties to India, woefully cannot understand what makes him “Indian”. To get over feelings of isolation and alienation from his heritage, it takes a visit by a herd of (imaginary) ancestors to help him figure it out.


February 25th    8pm


February 26th   8pm

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The Kevin Bone   Solo (NO)-Show

 Tales of Modern

Motherhood, Part 2 

Pam's 5-year old plays with boys, dresses like a boy and even says she wanted to be a boy. Welcome to the modern world of parenting. This is her story navigating unchartered waters - with zero tools in her toolbelt.

Kevin takes on his internal demons and voices in his head who are trying to stop him from performing his solo show. But..hilarity ensues as these voices put on his show FOR him


February 27th   8pm


February 28th   8pm

Tied Up In Knotts

Surviving Minnesota Nice

A comedic tale of one woman’s attempt at surviving the social chasm of feminism vs. misogyny from 1964 to present, all while maintaining being “Minnesota Nice.”

Karen Knotts' one-woman show will delight, entertain, and take you on a wild journey along with a host of zany characters, as she describes what life was like growing up as the daughter of legendary comedian, Don Knotts.

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