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“It has become the crowning achievement of solo theatre performances in Los Angeles created by the Whitefire’s producer Bryan Rasmussen.”             

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A one-woman musical written and performed by multidisciplinary artist Kateri Lirio. A story based on the painfully real experiences of a woman whose trauma has led to self-loathing. The story explores the themes of religion, trust, family, and the dangers of duality.

The Wild Son

The Testimony of

Christian Brando

Drawing heavily on taped interviews Clark conducted with Marlon Brando's troubled son, Christian – this is his side of his own wild and tragic life story has never been told, until now.


Backstage with Lady Day

A biography about Billie Holiday in the style of Billie preparing for her concert talking to reporters about her life, followed with a concert!


A fast-paced, comedic and heartbreakingly raw solo show about dating, dysfunction, and sexual devastation - told through the voices of 35 characters. Shattered triumphantly tells the tale of picking up the broken pieces of oneself and putting them back together again.

Missionary Positions

As a “recovering Christian missionary kid”, Dan offers insight on religion, depression, and Evangelical America, while sharing his irreverent experience on how being saved takes “getting lost”.

Ma's Kitchen

With a comical yet dramatic unfolding, we are enticed with the narrator's cooking. We witness Mary’s loss of her pregnancy unravel and as her mom, the narrator, parallels the story to the making of her secret tomato sauce. his is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It's easy.

The Book That Won't Close

Confessions of a Love Addict

A bi-culturally fluid Deaf woman confronts her shame about how being deaf or hearing enough when she meets a transgendered coach who walks who thru healing and integration for her love addiction

Island Girl:

A Rescue Mission

While seeking the spirit of her dead mother, Mele encounters her ancestors who were early missionaries to the Hawaiian Islands. She explores six generations of Lyman women living in Hawaii beginning in 1832. Mele discovers a magic within that she just may have inherited.

I Can't Indian Good

A first-generation Indian American with zero ties to India, woefully cannot understand what makes him “Indian”. To get over feelings of isolation and alienation from his heritage, it takes a visit by a herd of (imaginary) ancestors to help him figure it out.

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