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As of July 24th, 2021

Requirements subject to change.

The Whitefire box office will be asking for proof of Covid vaccination or a negative Covid test

(within 48 hours).

Masks required of patrons at all times.

**A negative Rapid test on the day of the show would also suffice**

No entry allowed without the above!


Black Voices Festival Performances

All Black Voices performances will be available for On-Demand streaming the day after their live performance. If you would like a reminder of when these performances are available, please

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Friday, September 10th
Lawd Ham Mercy On This Nappy Headed Bastard takes you on a journey from Mississippi in the 1960s to Chicago in the 1970s and to Los Angeles in the 1980s. It is comedic and dramatic and informative and good!
Sunday, September 19th
"...A Survivor’s Story is a gut-wrenching odyssey of love, betrayal, rage and recovery.”
-Dr. Nora Fahlberg, author of Finding Your
Inner Warrior

In the era of #MeToo and #Black Lives Matter, She Can Be Evil chronicles the life of a black, middle-aged, jazz singer and pole dancer left devastated after being sexually assaulted by the man she secretly loved for nearly two decades. 
Saturday, October 2nd
In her solo debut, Alma Collins shares fond memories of growing up in Venice, CA and recounts the generational relationship with her mother and grandmother, ultimately becoming caregiver to her mother which both challenged and healed their role reversal relationship.
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Friday, October 8th
Bipolar Mommy and Me is a funny, touching show about two women with mental illness. There’s Mommy: a quiet, God-fearing woman ... until she goes bipolar and all hell breaks loose. There's Anita: the ambitious daughter whose chronic depression gets in her way. Is Anita destined to follow in Mommy’s footsteps, all the way to the crazy house? Can self-help cure insanity? Can Mommy and daughter heal?

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Saturday, October 9th
In the midst of dealing with the transition of his parents, Rutherford speaks his truth and rediscovers what it means to love and forgive. Healing happens through word, dance rhythm and song.
Saturday, October 23rd
Dearly Beloved is an autobiographical sketch of Leon's journey to spiritual awakening from the inner city projects of Chicago, to love, loss, success, pain and revelation. In his one man show, you will enjoy an evening of songs, spoken word and prose, as Leon reveals his truth and shines his light.