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BEST OF FEST  is here!


Sarah Hunter

Sarah Hunter is a writer, an actress, and a producer. When she’s not busy acting in, writing and producing her Web series, “We’re Not Dead Yet” with her partner, Sandra Cruze, she’s busy with her own writing and producing. She and Sandra have been awarded five out of ten awards for their series this year, with a MERIT award from the WRPN Global Webisode contest. Sarah wanted to become an actor after she saw “The Red Shoes” and made her mother take her to the theatre to see it two or three times. She began writing and acting in her own little dramas in her backyard. Writing and acting and charging the neighbors 25 cents a piece to see her shows gave her a thrill. Sarah feels that Theatre is a one time experience. The actor, the audience, and the atmosphere are never the same twice. Everything is new in theatre.

Kirsten Caplan

Kirsten was drawn to the theatre with the idea that everyone gets a turn! The youngest out of four older sisters who were great mimics, she saw her sisters perform, and when they played different characters it seemed like magic… how do you do that?  She finds theatre incredibly healing, and sees the power in people sharing spaces together. Scientists now are exploring how an audience begins to synchronize their breath when they watch a show! She started working on Lady Libertease during the Trump presidency as a way of unpacking what she was learning about anti-racism movements. She unconsciously ran to the theatre to process! Creating and performing Lady Libertease is her 50th birthday to herself.

Mitch Feinstein

Mitch's had been a director and playwright in his youth, but had to give this up to get a job
to support his new family. In his family there was always a love of theatre and the arts, but pursuing art was overshadowed by survival needs, making money. All through college Mitch dreamed of pursing the arts, but it wasn’t until he sold my business and retired that he got the chance to pursue his dream. Mitch really enjoys the team effort of producing theatre. Interacting with so many excited, talented, and usually very kind people all working as a team for a creative goal is a joy. The instantaneous nature of theatre is overwhelming and unlike any other art form, though he does also greatly enjoy the solitude of writing. Allow your passion to blossom and live and pursue your passion as best you can. Life is too short to waste on worrying.

TL Forsberg

TL is a Canadian-born, internationally celebrated, singer/songwriter, speaker and coach. Beloved in the deaf culture at "The Deaf Lady Gaga," TL was honored with a Pearl award for innovative work as an Artist/Advocate of the Deaf Culture. Consciously embracing the word "Deaf." TL has toured her "music with a message" internationally for over 10 years. Her career launched playing herself as the "not deaf enough singer" in the award winning documentary "See What I'm Saying," where she was writen into ABC Disney's TV series "Switched At Birth." As a musician, TL has been interviewed by Much Music, MTV, and CityTV. She was invited to be the opening act for Alanis Moirrissette and Tori Amos, and was voted by Music Connection Magazine as "LA's Best Kept Secret." Most recently she has shared the tage with Cee-Lo Green and T-Pain, as well as Pharrell Williams on NBC's "The Voice." As an Artist Coach, TL teaches transformation workshops entitled "The Show Inside of the Show" and "Claim Your Story." She works with artists to sharpen their purpose, call, and craft. 


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For Love Or Money - Friday, June 18th @ 7pm

For Love Or Money - Friday, June 18th @ 7pm

In life, we have choices. And often, we look back and wonder, what if? Having given up on his dreams to spend decades in pursuit of accumulating wealth, Mitchell Feinstein’s advancing age plus a year of Covid bring him to a reckoning. In “For Love or Money,” Mitch shares the stories of his life, the relationships and pivotal moments and of his childhood and adulthood that led him away from his poetic-artist heart, and unravels the ties that bind to discover his way home.

The Book That Won't Close - Thursday, June 24th, 7:00pm

The Book That Won't Close - Thursday, June 24th, 7:00pm

A bi-culturally fluid Deaf woman confronts her shame about how being deaf or hearing enough when she meets a transgender coach who walks her through healing and integration for her love addition.

Astrologically Screwed  - Saturday, June 26th @ 7pm PDT

Astrologically Screwed - Saturday, June 26th @ 7pm PDT

...And Other Psychic Revelations How do you explain the unexplainable? What if a highly renowned astrologer told you all these AMAZING predictions, but the last thing she said shook you to the core. Would it merely concern you or completely consume you? This dramedy is a story about love and strength, fear and magic, angels, spirits, embracing life and living boldly!

Where do we go from here? A Pandemic Cabaret

Where do we go from here? A Pandemic Cabaret

Sunday, June 27th - 4pm PST / 7pm EST The pandemic and attendant life under lockdown have profoundly affected how we conduct our daily lives. How can we work? How do we eat? How do we date? How can we retain a sense of community? The deadly disease is forcing us to reflect on the most basic questions concerning life and mortality. In short: Where do we go from here? In this Pandemic Cabaret, the song cycle spans a number of genres, from pop to blues to tango and more.

World Premiere Encore Award!

Best of Fest Winner!

Best of Fest Winner!

Best of Fest Winner!


Solofest may be over, but the solo SHOWS keep coming!
Join us in August for LADIES FIRST by Krisy Dennis!

"Ladies First' is a one-woman musical written by Krisy Dennis and Bob Garrett and performed by Krisy Dennis, The show celebrates 14 amazing women from the original suffragette Emmelline Pankhurst to feminist activists Katharine Hepburn and Nora Ephron. Their monologues are inspired by speeches, quotes and interviews of these great women. Krisy also sings songs by artists such Alicia Keys, Kate Bush and Stephen Sondheim.
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