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Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 6pm (PST)

Juliette Jeffers is a Caribbean-American award winning artist who has worked extensively in TV, Film and Theatre. She is the curator of Black Voices and is opening the festival with her solo play, Judgment Day.

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African-Americans have been struggling since the first slaves were brought to the United States in 1619. From Nat Turner to Alton Sterling, there has been much progress, but the struggle still continues. Why has God allowed this to happen? What if God was held responsible for all of the injustices that African-Americans have endured? “Judgment Day” is a very powerful piece that questions God’s motives. It questions our faith. It is daring. It is raw. It is thought provoking. It infuses fictional characters with non- fictional and the past with the present. Ultimately leaving us to ponder free will, destiny and culpability.

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