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Celebrating 13 years of the solo artist!


Interested in participating?
Read info below, then
to submit your show!

Please contact with any questions!

Dates and Showtimes

Showtimes are Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 7:00pm (unless arranged in advance and with venue approval)

Tech times are pre-set for day of performance with call sheets sent out to individual productions with specific times


Live tickets set by venue at $25, with 4 comps allowed to performer.

Streaming tickets set by venue at $20, with 10 comps allowed to performer (see below for more info on streaming).

Registration = $175 (up front, non-refundable, secures date)
Show tech and performance, including personnel = $750 (out of ticket sales)
*Total cost equivalent to 30 tickets sold. Theater has an 84 seat capacity.

**Performer is responsible for meeting the minimum $750 out of ticket sales and will only be billed should the minimum not be met. Anything over the minimum is returned to performer.

Optional Add-On Costs:
Additional rehearsal time = $50/2 hr block

Show recording and upload to our on-demand streaming platform = $200 
-Can remain streaming for up to 3 months.
-Performer receives hi-res digital copy of performance.
-Tickets ($20) split 50/50 performer and venue.

Registration for Solofest starts September 1st, 2022. 
Show dates will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
Only the first two weeks of dates will be made available to start. Once those dates are full, the next two weeks become available. Exceptions possible for out of town shows or special cases, as approved by Whitefire.

Eligible shows/performers can be veteran or brand new, so long as meet minimum requirements as follows:
-Solo performance (live musical accompanist allowed).
-No more than 80 minutes in length.
-Have summary, press release, and marketing materials, or the ability to create them prior to January 1st, 2023.

Registration process:
Performers must go to and create their account and show page. 
Starting September 1st, shows will be approved and given show dates within 72 hrs of submission.
Once show approved and date given, performer will be given an email prompt to pay registration fee and lock-in their date.
If registration fee not paid within another 72 hrs of link being sent, the date will be made available to another performer.

Solofest and The Whitefire Theatre maintain a publicist to market the festival and theater, respectively. Individual show listings are submitted by Whitefire publicist to a set list of outlets in the greater LA area. Performers who want individual publicists are welcome to hire them, and recommendations can be made upon request.

Cross-marketing between performers is encouraged. A Google Drive link will be sent to all performers with contact information, show dates, etc.

All shows/performers who submit materials as described below will receive equal opportunity in marketing sent by Whitefire Theatre including:
-Eblasts to 5,000+ patrons
-Website presence (both ticketing and home site)
-Social Media posts
-Poster presence in Whitefire lobby (poster can be printed by Whitefire if performer does not provide)
-Postcards in Whitefire lobby (if performer provides)

Required Marketing Materials:
300x300 pixel show image, 300 dpi – title/performer only recommended
400x400 pixel show image, 300 dpi – title/performer only recommended
4x6 inch show image, 200-300 dpi – title/performer and limited additional text (director, tagline, show dates)
*These items will be primarily used digitally, so we strongly recommend you keep all text to a bare minimum to leave a clean image and title. Website address and show dates are not necessary.

11x17 Poster, 300 dpi – Optional. We will print 5 for Whitefire lobby, or you can provide your own printed copy. Use whatever text you like that will fit!

Headshot of Performer - Optional. Recommended for use on site as well as an Artist Spotlight we run on social media.

Any and all graphics sent to Whitefire for festival use must be labeled with show name, or reasonable abbreviation thereof, and size. For example…ShowName_300x300 or Show_4x6

Recommended Additional Materials for Performer’s Use:
Digital or printed program
Ads on Solofest ticketing site
NoHo Arts District site ad: (special ad/review package offered by NoHoArts for festival performers)
Sizes to match all social media:

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