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How the Whitefire Got It's Name

Approximately 16 years ago, an unusual opportunity came to Bryan Rasmussen, a chance to own a theatre. This was something he only could dream of...but than it was a reality. Here was his chance to do something concrete for the arts. The transaction went through the typical process of business "with business" people, but Bryan had a chance to talk with original owner before he passed away. His first question to the soon to be previous owner was how he came up with the name "Whitefire". The first answer, in jest, was he thought it was a cool name, but the real answer was:

"Whitefire is the hottest flame. A whitefire flame can transform metal and glass.

It's a transformative heat. The Whitefire is a creative crucible."

BRYAN RASMUSSEN, Artistic Director

Bryan headshot Aug 2020.JPG

An award-winning actor as well as a director, producer, teacher, coach, and Artistic Director of the Whitefire Theatre, he’s proud to be celebrating its’ 39th season this year!  In the sixteen years he has owned the Whitefire, Bryan has produced over 500 shows, as well as over 50 world premiere productions including “Blood Brothers”, “Love Like Blue”, “Mark Twain in the 20th Century”, “Seasons of Change” and many others.  He has directed and acted in the world premiere of the critically acclaimed production of “FIREHOUSE” as well as directing the NAACP Best Solo Show of the Year award-winning “BILLIE!...backstage w/ Lady Day” about the life of Billie Holiday.

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