The information below is a general outline of the process and provides an understanding of what Whitefire Theatre provides and general requirements needed from you. 

For additional information or if you have questions, contact:

The Financial Structure

Whitefire has a unique and innovative way to produce theatre in Los Angeles.

- $100 deposit to secure your date. The remaining costs for your live-stream performance

  will come out of your box office so the only upfront cost is the deposit.  

- The first $750 goes to the Whitefire which covers two technicians for lighting and

   qlab/stream as well as director for camera

- The rest goes to the performer

*NEW to the Solofest 2021 Agreement

- Each performer will receive a 2-hour slot to rehearse in the theatre (no lights or tech) 

   Scheduling TBA

Each performer will receive a recording (link) that they will own exclusively with the light plot

   designed specifically for filming. 

Main Requirements

1.  Deposit, a signed contract and waiver are required to secure your place in the festival  2.  3 graphics:

                 - Live-Stream (home page on our website)

                         Horizontal Image 1920W x 1080H

                - Eblast & PayPerView (PayPerView is not a requirement)

                         Vertical Image 1080W x 1600H 

                 - Yapsody

                           Horizontal Image 320W x 240H             

3.  All graphics should have the title. You can include directed by, written by, performed 

     by (keep the graphic as "clean" as possible)

4.  2 Synopses:  1- 40-60 words & 1- 20-25 words (for publicist)

General Information

Whitefire Provides

- 2 techs for live-streaming         

- Custom designed-lighting: this is the beginning of your tech time

- Full tech on day of performance includes: q2q, run-thru, dress rehearsal

-  We set up your ticketing on Yapsody. You will have full access to track your sales and

    have access to the emails of those who purchase tickets for your show which is your

    fan base for your future performances.

- Publicist for marketing the festival

- Weekly Eblast to +2,000 Whitefire patrons

1. Show length should be no less than 45 minutes and no longer than 90 minutes

2. Tech, run-thru, dress and performance are all on the same day.

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