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Whitefire Solofest 2020 Contract


  • A non- refundable payment of $175 must be paid to hold above date. This covers one (1) performance.

  • The first $675 at the door is due to Whitefire, the rest will go to the performer.

  • Additional use of space for rehearsals, other than the day and time of the performance is $50 for 2 hours, WORK LIGHTS ONLY and depending on availability.

  • Co-Producer is responsible for all contracted shows and may not cancel without full payment. The balance of each show night total is $675

  • Co-Producer agrees to keep all spaces clean. Dressing rooms must be completely clean (no personal articles, scripts, food, beverage, water bottles, etc.) at the end of each performance. If Whitefire needs to clean/dispose of trash etc., there will be $75 fee.

  • All moneys paid to Theatre are non-refundable

  • Future shows will be an addendum to this contract and will be drafted after the original contract expires. All original contract rules and payments apply to any and all addendums. 


  • Professional publicist marketing the festival

  • Front of House Management (includes concessions)

  • Performance lighting for productions and technical rehearsals only. This includes: light board, dimmer pack, cables, and instruments

  • Audio mixer, CD deck, and amplification for productions - not to be altered without permission of Whitefire.

  • Custom designed light plot

  • Board Operator and light/sound/video

  • some storage, depending on availability

  • air conditioning and heating systems

  • seating for 84 people. (expandable to 90 maximum)

  • Solofest Marketing: weekly e-blasts to 2500+, website & postcard placement

  • use of furniture or props belonging to Whitefire or a third-party with Whitefire/Owner’s prior consent


  • Attend MANDATORY Orientation/Workshop Monday, November 25th 7pm-10pm @ Whitefire Theatre

  • Contract and deposit must be received as soon as possible in order to hold the performance date.

  • Marketing your production

  • Providing Whitefire with 2 graphics meeting Whitefire's specifications.

  • Set up ticketing at least 2 months prior to performance

  • Show must be designed in QLab (QLAB Design cost IS NOT included in this contract)


  • Co-Producer agrees not to make any alterations, additions, repairs or improvements in or about the physical property, including removal or altering of all curtains, without the prior written consent of Whitefire.  

  • Co-Producer agrees not to change, move or relocate sound system or lighting board out of the booth without the permission of Whitefire.

  • Co-Producer understands that Whitefire is a multi-use space and that other productions will be sharing the space and technical equipment that is provided by Whitefire.

  • Co-Producer is solely responsible for the security and maintenance of their own production property. 

  • Whitefire is not responsible for any theft, loss, or damages.

  • Whitefire is a non-smoking facility in accordance with City Fire Regulation.  With the exception of on-stage performances, smoking is not allowed in the theatre.

  • Whitefire is for theatrical stage productions or rehearsals only.  Any other use of the facility must have prior written consent of Whitefire.

  • No pets are allowed in the theatre without the prior consent of Whitefire

  • No use of glitter, glitter make-up, table confetti or any similar type of material that contains glitter is allowed in the theatre. There will be a $100 fine if any of the listed products have been used.

  • If a dispute arises between Whitefire and Co-Producer out of or relating to this agreement, or the breach thereof, and if said dispute cannot be resolved through timely, good faith efforts, the parties agree to first submit the matter to binding arbitration with an independent arbitrator presiding.  The arbitration shall be processed under the auspices of, and in accordance with, the rules and procedures under the Commercial Mediation Rules of American Arbitration Association in Los Angeles County, California, and judgement upon the award rendered may be entered in any court of the forum having jurisdiction thereof.

  • In the event that Whitefire assigns or transfers ownership of the business to another party, the obligations and/or covenants in the rental agreement shall remain in force and binding upon that party.  In such an event, Bryan Rasmussen shall be relieved of all liability with respect to the obligations and/or covenants contained in the rental agreement.

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