Celebrating 10 years of the solo artist!


The need of storytelling to continue is proven year after year by the response of those that share their story and those that hear their story with nearly all the artists having sold-out performances in Solofest 2020. Eighty performances were scheduled making the Whitefire Theatre the second largest solo festival in the U.S. 

Never was there more a need for the arts to continue than now. Whitefire went on to live stream "The Best of the Fest" (the top tne performances from Solofest 2020), Streamfest with approximately 20 solo performances that included musicians and comedy, and now beginning September 12th, Black Voices live-stream festival.

Because of the vision of Artistic Director, Bryan Rasmussen and his commitment to expanding the capability of bringing the solo shows to a wider audience, Solofest 2021 will be able to continue because of live-streaming.

Revised Solofest 2021 graphic.JPG