Celebrating 11 years of the solo artist!

Submissions for Solofest are now Closed!
Please contact victoria@whitefiretheatre.com with any questions!

The last couple of years have been a rolelrcoaster! The need for storytelling to continue is proven year after year by the response of those that share their story and those that hear their story with nearly all the artists having sold-out performances in Solofest 2020. Eighty performances were scheduled making the Whitefire Theatre the second largest solo festival in the U.S., and the only one consistently streaming artist content!

Never was there more a need for the arts to continue than 2021. Whitefire went on to live stream "The Best of the Fest" (the top ten performances fromSolofest2021),and now, beginning September 10th, Black Voices will have live and streaming performances.

Because of the vision of Artistic Director, Bryan Rasmussen and his commitment to expanding the capability of bringing the solo shows to a wider audience, Solofest 2021 was able to continue because of live-streaming, and we will continue that work in 2022!

Preview of Solofest 2022 Terms!

Solofest allows for two versions of registration:

  1. Live performance with optional on-demand streaming.

  2. On-Demand streaming of existing videos.


All shows submitted will be passed through a Whitefire team acceptance process before being confirmed as participants in Solofest 2022.



  • Deposit of $175 secures the live performance date, or on-demand streaming service.

  • If there is more than 1 live performance date, $175 deposit is needed for each additional performance date

  • If performing live (with or without streaming), the first $750 of ticket sales will go to the Whitefire. Live performance tickets sales that exceed that amount will go to the performer within 10 days following live performance.

  • If submitting existing video for on-demand viewing only, the first $325 of ticket sales will go to the Whitefire. 

  • Once minimum sales thresholds are met, any on-demand ticket sales will be split 50/50 and will be distributed to the performer every 10 days until fully paid out.

  • Ticket price will be set at $25 for live performance and $20 for on-demand.

  • Other than the day and time to film the live performance and the complimentary 2hr technical rehearsal timeslot, additional use of space for rehearsals is $50 for 2 hours, WORK LIGHTS ONLY and depending on availability 

  • Producer agrees to keep all spaces clean. Dressing rooms must be completely clean (no personal articles, scripts, food, beverage, water bottles, etc.) at the end of each performance. If Whitefire needs to clean/dispose of trash etc., there will be $75 fee

  • All moneys paid to Theatre are non-refundable


  • Future shows will be an addendum to this contract and will be drafted after the original contract expires. All original contract rules and payments apply to any and all addendums 



  • Should the artist opt for a streaming registration, their show will be available for On-Demand streaming through Vimeo 24-36 hrs after their live performance, or upon receipt of video.

  • All shows will remain live through March 27th.

  • On-Demand ticket sales will receive final settlement no later than April 6th. (aka, 10 days following final available date)