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The Whitefire Theatre is commited to bringing compelling and entertaining theatre to the San Fernando valley and beyond.

We rely partially on donations from patrons to continue doing so.

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Here are the names of our supporters who have had brass plates put on the arms of seats in the theatre..They either gave $500 or did something that warranted their own plate...

We called them "Hot Seats"...

Todd Merrill

Dan Spector

Cathy Cherry

Robin Ribikoff

Hope & Laurence Juber

Verd Rasmussen

Evelyn Rasmussen

Dave & Pilar Strom

Dan Hirsch

Amber Burgess-Pregnolato

Ashley & Stephen Taylor

Greg Lewis

Leslie & Robert Zemekis

Michi & Ron Michaelson

Teresa & Brad Roades

The Weber Family

Lanie & Wayne Petrakis & Carol Ayers

Jessica & Mike Mraz

Kelly Stables

Cheryl Crabtree

Antonia Nichols

Pat & Don Kent

Rob Kent

Fran & Merle Gerhardt

Donna Marie Kent

Dawn Devine

Kay & J.P. Devine

David & Laura Coker

The Drier Family

PR Construction

David and Kimarie Teter

Chris Kent

Neda Gajeh-Tabe

The Najera Family

Ty Donaldson

Jerry & Carole Ursetti

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