The Financial Structure

Whitefire Theatre has a financial structure unlike any other solo festival in the U.S

This structure has proven to be extremely successful. Every year approximately 40% of the participants have sold-out or nearly sold-out performances and 99% of all participants sold enough tickets to meet and/or surpass the $675 needed to cover the cost of the show.


  • The non-refundable down-payment of $175 secures the participant’s date and commitment to performing in the festival.

  • The first $675 of  box office ticket sales will go to the Whitefire Theatre, everything above that goes to the participant. Your show is paid for out of ticket sales.

  • It is recommended to charge $20-$25 per seat. Depending on what you decide to set your ticket price at - the first 27-34 seats will cover the cost of your show.

  • Whitefire is an 84-seat house that can expand to 90. You can conceivably net $1,125 - $1575

Main Requirements

  • ​Your show needs to be fully developed and well-rehearsed before your performance date

  • You are responsible for marketing your show

  • All shows must be designed in Qlab

  • There is a mandatory Workshop, Monday Nov. 25th at the theatre 7pm-10pm.

  • You will set up your ticketing. We recommend Brown Paper Tickets (if you don't have a site) They are available 24/7 and will walk you through setting up your ticketing. You must provide password & login to the Whitefire Theatre

  • Whitefire requires 2 graphics:  Both in JPEG (specifications will be in the Participant Handbook)

  1.  "clean" No text/ Picture only (for the homepage on our website)

  2.  11" x 17" with all information for posters for the Whitefire Theatre 

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