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We'd like to thank all of you that have supported live theatre. The power of shared experience should not be underestimated. Illuminating the human condition is what we do and we so appreciate you helping to provide our "light" so that we may continue to bring quality, professional theatre to the San Fernando Valley and beyond!!

Spring 2018

"Two Night Stand"

Heidi Appe & Tony Nunes

"Hell Hath No Fury"

Julie Cohn & Milia Mae

"Nailed It!"

(L to R) Milia Mae, Acela Kuandykova, Rose Wakesho

"Blind Date"

LauraLee O'Shell & Christopher Anderson


Michael Dye & Brandon Loeser

"The Dating Consultant"

Jacqui Grilli & Sam Kahn

Whitefire Company Spring Shorts 2017

"The Diary"

Linda Nile & Cody Williams

"What Sexual Fantasies Are Made Of"

LauraLee O'Shell & Lala Costa

"Terms and Conditions"

Milia Mae, Francis Lansang, & David Svengalis

"A Safer World"

Scott Russell & Jylian Sy

"Love & Warcraft"

Rose Wakesho, Devin Calderone, & David Chattam

"Spanks Giving"

(standing) Joe Sachem & Heidi Appe

(on chairs) Milia Mae & Cody Williams

Alexandro Vino & Dario Torres

Zachary Mooren & Alexandra Vino

"I held my breath through most of it and at the end left smiling and beguiled and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It’s really that good."  

NoHo Arts Critic

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

(standing) Lynn Sher

LtoR Alexandro Vino, Sofia Vassilieva, & Elizabeth Regen

"Where The Numbers End: A Hell's Kitchen Love Tragedy"


World Premiere Spring 2016

written and directed by

Amanda Moresco

Lynn Sher

Sofia Vassilieva & Matty Daniell

Eddie Goines

Abe Smith & Liesl Jackson

Carla Collins & Liesl Jackson

"The play is purposely ridiculous and the acting almost bad enough that the audience may question whether it’s an act or just a group of bad actors, but somehow it all works well enough together that you’ll laugh along with the preposterous shenanigans happening on stage." 

That's So Rad by Rachel

The Cast

(L to R) Bruce Clifford, Liesl Jackson & Abe Smith

"Murder, Anyone?"

World Premiere Spring 2015

written and directed by

Gordon Bressack

(Standing) Jack Zullo

(Sitting) Devin Calderone

(Standing) Devin Calderone

(Sitting) Jack Zullo

"Stella's Last JDate"

World Premiere Spring 2015

written by Andy Rooster Bloch

directed by Bryan Rasmussen

Barry Livingston & Elvis Nolasco

“This rather simple production, directed by Bryan Rasmussen, is driven by the fantastic performances. Both Smallman-Winston and Livingston immediately bring their complicated characters to life, giving the audience a very clear sense of who they are as people in a very short amount of time”.                                     

                                                                                  OnStage LA

                                                                                   Erin Conley


Past Productions


Solofest 2019
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Working 2020
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