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Heading into our 32nd season we'd like to thank all of you that have supported live theatre. It's such a vital, needed part of the community and without you, it wouldn't be around long... The power of shared experience should not be underestimated. Illuminating the human condition is what we do and we so appreciate you helping to provide our "light" so that we may continue to bring quality, professional theatre to the San Fernando Valley and beyond!!


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This stand-up comedy class series has a strong emphasis on writing and stage performance. Classes will focus on members performing their material in front of the class and becoming more comfortable on stage using various improv exercises. Students will be expected to write material outside of class based on exercises provided, and to listen to and watch some of the legends of comedy. Students will develop five minutes of material in preparation for a performance in front of friends and family in the final week. Some experience with stage performance is preferred, but not mandatory.  The class will run for seven weeks and the final week will be a show for friends and family.

Tom has been a stand up for nearly 18 years. He's appeared on Comedy Central, CBS's Late Late Show and continues to headline around the country doing stand up. For more info on him go to:

7 Weeks   --   Monday nights - February 24th to April 7th

7pm to 10pm

Our final class on April 7th is a showcase in front of friends and family.

The Whitefire Theatre

The cost of the class is $275

and you can sign up via PayPal on my website at:

Sign up is limited to the first 8 people.  Tom can be reached by e-mail at: or at 310-709-7500

Tom Clark

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The world premiere of a

risky, funny, fast-paced comedy set

in an improv workshop. The

richly-drawn cast of characters play, laugh, have affairs, uncover secrets

and become a hilarious ensemble performing their own improvised finale. Each

show is a unique hybrid of scripted and improv performance,  featuring a cast of accomplished

performers culled from the Groundlings, Second City, iO West, Upright Citizens

Brigade, the Spolin Players, and Shplotz!, among



Zimmerman’s “Blue Dot Tour” comes to Sherman Oaks Saturday, July 19 at 8 pm for a performance at the Whitefire Theatre, 13500 Ventura Blvd.  Admission is $20.

“It’s a big, big world full of all kinds of people,’ sings Roy Zimmerman, “but there’s one thing we can all agree on...”  Then he strums.  And he strums.  He casts his eyes to the ceiling.  At last he sings, “...and when I find out what it is, I’ll let you know.”

Zimmerman is a satirical songwriter in the Tom Lehrer/Phil Ochs tradition.  He tours almost constantly, taking his funny songs about fracking, creationism, marijuana laws, government shutdown, same-sex marriage, guns, taxes and abstinence across the country, often playing in some of the least Progressive places in America for the most Progressive people there - the “Blue Dots” he calls them.

“I get accused of preaching to the converted,” he says, “but I don’t think of it that way.  I think of it as entertaining the troops.”

The world is full of funny songs, but Zimmerman’s hilarious, rhyme-intensive originals are also incisive calls to action, smart, savvy and undeniable.  The “Blue Dot Tour” is ninety minutes of these songs - funny songs like “The Faucet’s on Fire!” and “I Want a Marriage Like They Had In the Bible,” heartfelt songs like “Hope, Struggle and Change” and “I Approve This Message.”


In thirteen albums over twenty years, Roy has brought the sting of satire to the struggle for Peace and Social Justice.  His songs have been heard on HBO and Showtime.  He has recorded for Warner/Reprise Records.  He’s been profiled on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”  Zimmerman’s YouTube videos have amassed over seven million views, and he’s a featured blogger for the Huffington Post.


His latest release is the documentary DVD “Vote Republican: a fifty-state musical odyssey” following Zimmerman and his wife and frequent co-writer Melanie Harby

on their 2012 tour.  In every state they visited, they wrote a new verse for their tongue-in-cheek song “Vote Republican.”  The film weaves all 51 verses together with additional footage and music to create a funny, yet poignant portrait of election year America.


“Melanie and I did a fifty-state tour in 2008, and again in 2012, and we found a lot of

these ‘Blue Dot’ groups, doing Progressive work in places where that’s not easy to do.  The idea of this tour is to connect the dots.”


He spent the Comedy Boom years of the Eighties doing stand-up in San Francisco, sharing stages with George Carlin, Bill Maher, Kate Clinton, Dennis Miller and many others.  He wrote all the material for his funny folk music quartet The Foremen, recording two albums for Warner/Reprise Records.  He's done several shows with The Pixies' Frank Black, swapping songs in a solo acoustic setting.

“Roy Zimmerman simultaneously inspires me and makes me laugh my ass off,” says

comedian/author Paul Krassner.


Sing Out! Magazine writes, “Zimmerman is a guy on the left skewering folks on the right with rapier-sharp lyrics ... underneath the caustic satire is a man who is surprisingly optimistic.”




 coming this Fall....

 Sam Shepard's 

    Pulitzer prize-winning play   


 Directed by Bryan Rasmussen



 Sept. 5- Oct. 11 2014